Intense Training with 10 DI and DII College Coaches, High Level Competition, Scrimmages and BLITZ SWAG!

Limited Spots AVAILABLE, no more then 12 players per coach!

COST: $195

The Recruiting Blitz (girls)  is a one-day, all out, exposure and intense instructional event designed to allow you to work with - and perform in front of - some of the best collegiate lacrosse coaching staffs in the country.
Over the course of the day, attendees will rotate from field to field being instructed by college coaches from Hopkins
Elevate your game while being evaluated by collegiate coaches who are interested in working with you and observing your style of play.

The exceptional event is being held at Calvert Regional in North East, Maryland  from 9am-12pm.  Registration Fee: $195   Grad Years 2021-2024