Summer Showcase

July 9th

Cedar Lane Regional Park
Bel Air, MD


2020 Recruiting Division:
2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
3, 45 minute games $1000

2020 Competition Division:
2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030
3, 45 minute games $1000


Registration will on July 19th

$500 team Deposit due September 1, 2019





Top of the Bay is pleased to announce the appointment of Halpern Travel as our Official Tournament Housing Coordinator for Summer Showcase, Summer Classic, #LaxisLife and Capital City. All out-of-area teams are required to reserve a MINIMUM of (8) eight rooms through Halpern Travel to be eligible to participate in the tournament.

Teams that are based within a 100 mile radius of tournaments venue and are planning to commute are exempt from complying with the tournament housing policy.  Addresses used for the determination of the distance will be the address of the venue and the Club’s physical address. Google Maps TM or other approved online mapping services will be used to determine driving distance.

Halpern Travel comes to us highly recommended for their commitment to providing professional service and for their attention to detail.  Halpern Travel’s secure, online hotel reservation system allows teams to view information about hotels, including rate, location, amenities and availability.  Teams are able to choose from an extensive selection of quality hotels with reasonable rates.  Teams are able to reserve their rooms 24/7.

Clubs requiring a large block of rooms for multiple teams should contact Halpern Travel for special assistance at 888.640.6400.

We look forward to partnering with Halpern Travel to successfully meet the housing needs of teams attending Live Love Lax.

Housing Link:
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2020 Spring/Summer Rules Sheet

2020 US Lacrosse rules will be used including ​Free Movement​ & ​Self Start

COVID-19 Game Start

To Start Game:
A coin toss to determine the first possession - coaches and officials handle the coin toss, maintaining 6 feet apart.

teams will start in a standard set up:
4 defenders behind the line, 3 midfielders between the restraining lines and 4 attackers behind the line. Teams may go to a 5, 3, 3 - but no greater change

After a Goal
The GK will pick the ball up using her stick and roll the ball back to the center circle. A midfielder will pick up the ball, using her stick, and stand on the center line where the draw would normally take place. Both teams will fully reset to the 4-3-4 or the 5-3-3 - and once the ball is set and the teams are set, the official will blow the restart whistle.

Any player self-starting when a self-start is not allowed will be called for a false start.

All Teams, youth and HS, will play the following exception:

If at the end of each half, a major foul by the defense in the 8 meter arc has been whistled, the shot will be awarded. One shot, no pass, no rebound play.

-No jewelry is allowed on players.
-The first alternate possession will always go to the light colored uniform team.

2020 Youth Rules (2027-2030)

In addition to the above, 2027-30 will play USL youth rules: • No deputy may be used for the goalie at any time.
• No follow through into the goal circle. Stick or body.
• The 1 pass rule w​ ill not ​be used

2027-2029 - Transitional checking​ ​Checking allowed above the shoulder but the sphere is extended to 12” around the head.

2030 - Modified checking​ ​Checking allowed below the shoulder only & player must be in a legal checking position.

Game Timing

* Games times will be determined for each event and the clock will run at all times.
* The central horn is the official time and must be followed. No time outs.
* In bracket play games may end in a tie. Team Behavior, The head coach will be responsible for the behavior of personnel affiliated with their team, including all assistant coaches and fans, and will receive any cards related to lack of bench decorum.

A yellow (2 mins) or red card (4 mins) to the coach counts towards the team fouls and a player must be removed. Players receiving 2 yellows will not have to sit the following game, but it will be reported to the tournament director and subsequent cards could result in suspension.

A coach or player receiving a red card could be required to sit an additional game.

All decisions on penalties for cards will be at the discretion of the tournament committee and the head official.

Updated: July 6th , 2020